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MAMA scared stiff, The Opening by Souldish

When I read the short story included, I see the connection your going for. The colors are nice and offer an older school illustration. The depiction reminds me of something like Brothers Grimm story. I think you may of cleaned it up a little more and the words in the story maybe fit a little better. I think over all in its entirety the work is pretty amazing. The characters of the piece are really neat and are very unique. The Butcher is creepy and so are the minions. Being able to get the children in the cages in the underground is a very frightening thought. The vortex under the bed holds a disturbing concept and that the minions are there to make sure the children end up in the vortex, well I just love the darkness of this tale. Your fear is depicted in a unique and quite disturbing creation. I really love the book on the bed and how it shows the scene if someone notices the details within this image. Really great work keep it up!! Good Luck!
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Souldish Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow thank you!
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